Complete mitochondrial genome of Atractomorpha sagittaris (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae) and its phylogenetic analysis for Acrididea

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We sequenced the complete mitogenome of Atractomorpha sagittaris (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae) and compared with other Acrididea species. The circular genome was 15,763 bp in size and contained the entire set of 37 genes usually present in orthopteran mitogenomes. The AT-skew of this mitogenome was slightly positive (0.17) and the nucleotide composition biased toward A + T nucleotides (73.38%). All of the 13 PCGs initiated with canonical start codon (ATN), except for COI initiating with ACT. In addition, analyses of pairwise genetic distances between individual PCGs in Acrididea species showed that ND1 was the least conserved gene, while COI the most conserved. Furthermore, we reconstructed phylogenetic trees among species from six superfamiles in Acrididea using Bayesian Interference and Maximum Likelihood methods. Our phylogenetic analyses offered support of monophyly of the superfamilies, and reconfirmed some of species groups including A. sagittaris in Pyrgomorphidae.

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The authors would like to thank Xiaodong Li (Hechi University) for his help in grasshopper species identification and suggestions for manuscript writing.

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Correspondence to Baoping Li.

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  • Atractomorpha sagittaris
  • Pyrgomorphidae
  • Orthoptera
  • Mitogenome
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