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Parasites of carp bream, Abramis brama, from Lake Jamno, Poland

  • E. DzikaEmail author
  • A. Kuształa
  • M. Kuształa
Research Note


A total of 40 carp bream, Abramis brama (L.) from Lake Jamno were examined for their parasites in May 2002. Lake Jamno is a brackish-water coastal lagoon, strongly eutrophied and polluted by communal and industrial sewage from the city of Koszalin. The survey yielded 15 parasite species, representing different systematic groups, including 7 monogeneans Dactylogyrus auriculatus, D. falcatus, D. wunderi, D. zandti, Gyrodactylus elegans, Gyrodactylus sp., Diplozoon paradoxum; 4 digeneans (at the stage of metacercaria) Diplostomum sp., Tylodelphys clavata, Ichthyocotylurus platycephalus, I. variegatus; 1 cestode Caryophyllaeus laticeps; 2 crustaceans Ergasilus sieboldi, Argulus foliaceus; and 1 hirudinean Caspiobdella fadejewi. Monogeneans constituted the most abundant parasite group, accounting for 61.5 % of all parasite individuals collected. They were followed by the cestodes (20.7 %), digenean flukes (16 %), crustaceans (0.7 %), and leeches (0.2 %).

Key words

Abramis brama parasites coastal lagoon Lake Jamno Poland 


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  1. 1.Department of Zoology, Faculty of BiologyWarmia and Mazury UniversityOlsztynPoland

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