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Panceriella emiratensis sp. nov. (Eucestoda, Linstowiidae) from desert monitor lizard, Varanus griseus (Daudin, 1803) in the United Arab Emirates

  • Rolf K. Schuster
Original Paper


Two hundred and twenty seven cestodes of the genus Panceriella were detected in the small intestine of a desert monitor lizard, Varanus griseus in the Dubai Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. Panceriella emiratensis sp. nov. is considerably shorter than the type species P. varanii and can be easily distinguished by the presence of an unsegmented neck, smaller numbers and smaller diameter of testes. Gravid segments contain a distinctly lower number of egg capsules.


Panceriella emiratensis sp. nov. Eucestoda Varanus griseus United Arab Emirates 


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  1. 1.Central Veterinary Research LaboratoryDubaiUAE

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