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A new feather mite species of the subfamily Analginae (Acari, Astigmata, Analgidae) from the Savi’s warbler Locustella luscinoides (Aves, Passeriformes) in South Dobrudzha, Bulgaria

  • Nevena Kolarova


A new representative of the subfamily Analginae, Anhemialges mironovi sp. nov., collected from feathers of the Savi’s warbler Locustella luscinoides (Savi, 1824) (Passeriformes, Sylviidae) from the region of South Dobrudzha (Bulgaria), is described. This species is most similar to A. gaudi Mironov, 2009. The new species differs from A. gaudi by the following features in males: the incision in the interlobar membrane is longer, the gastral shield is split into two parts, and the hysteronotal shield bears a crescent-shaped subtegumental sclerotisation.


Feather mites new species Anhemialges Locustella luscinoides taxonomy Bulgaria 


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  1. 1.Department of Zoology and Anthropology, Faculty of BiologySofia UniversitySofiaBulgaria

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