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A new opecoelid trematode, Pseudopecoelus brayi sp. nov. from the shoulderbar soldierfish, Myripristis kuntee off Visakhapatnam coast, Bay of Bengal

  • Rokkam Madhavi
  • T. Triveni Lakshmi


A new species of opecoelid trematode, Pseudopecoelus brayi sp. nov. is reported from the holocentrid fish, Myripristis kuntee collected from off Visakhapatnam coast, Bay of Bengal. The new species differs from related species by a combination of characters such as elongate body, deeply lobed gonads, tubular sinuous seminal vesicle extending up to the posterior border of ventral sucker, presence of a short cylindrical cirrus sac enclosing the cirrus and the vitelline zone extending anterior to ventral sucker. This is the 7th species of the genus to be reported from Indian marine fishes and the fifth species from holocentrid fishes. A key for separation of the species of Pseudopecoelus is given.


Trematoda Opecoelidae Pseudopecoelus brayi sp. nov. fish Myripristis kuntee Bay of Bengal 


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  1. 1.Department of ZoologyAndhra UniversityVisakhapatnamIndia

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