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Gastrointestinal helminths from two species of skink from Papua New Guinea, including two new species of Skrjabinodon (Nematoda, Pharyngodonidae)

  • Charles R. Bursey
  • Stephen R. Goldberg
  • Fred Kraus
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Skrjabinodon derooijae sp. nov. from the large intestine of Papuascincus stanleyanus (Scincidae) and Skrjabinodon sheai sp. nov. from the large intestine of Emoia pallidiceps (Scincidae) from Papua New Guinea are described and illustrated. Skrjabinodon derooijae sp. nov. and S. sheai sp. nov. represent the 27th and 28th species assigned to the genus and the 8th and 9th species from the Australo-Papuan Region. The new species differ from other species assigned to Skrjabinodon by egg and female tail morphology. The eggs of S. derooijae are spindleform with one truncate end and the female tail bears 13–16 tail spines in a defined pattern. The eggs of S. sheai are lagenoid and the female tail bears 12–16 tail spines in a random pattern. In addition to the new species, E. pallidiceps harboured Physalopteroides milnensis and P. stanleyanus harboured Mesocelium monas and Oswaldocruzia bakeri.


Digenea Mesocoelium monas Nematoda Oswaldocruzia bakeri Physalopteroides milnensis Skrjabinodon derooijae sp. nov Skrjabinodon sheai sp. nov Scincidae Emoia pallidiceps Papuascincus stanleyanus Papua New Guinea 


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  • Charles R. Bursey
    • 1
  • Stephen R. Goldberg
    • 2
  • Fred Kraus
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of BiologyPennsylvania State UniversitySharonUSA
  2. 2.Department of BiologyWhittier CollegeWhittierUSA
  3. 3.Department of Natural SciencesBishop MuseumHonoluluUSA

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