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Redescription of Decorataria decorata (Spirurida, Acuariidae) based on nematodes from Podiceps cristatus and P. grisegena (Aves, Podicipediformes) from Bulgaria

  • Yasen Mutafchiev
  • Boyko B. GeorgievEmail author


Decorataria decorata (Cram, 1927) is redescribed on the basis of light-microscopy and SEM observations on specimens collected from the stomach of Podiceps cristatus and P. grisegena from Bulgaria. The SEM study revealed the presence of a porebearing field on each pseudolabium and a pair of spines (one dorsal and one ventral) situated between bases of the cordons. The deirids are spine-like and minute. The light-microscopy examination showed the presence of ornamentation situated under the dorsal surface of caudal alae. The occurrence of D. decorata in Bulgaria is a new geographical record.


Nematoda Decorataria decorata morphology Podiceps Bulgaria 


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