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A new species of Pharyngodon (Nematoda, Pharyngodonidae) and other helminths in Cyrtodactylus louisiadensis (Sauria, Gekkonidae) from Papua New Guinea

  • Charles R. Bursey
  • Stephen R. Goldberg
  • Fred Kraus
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Pharyngodon novaeguineae sp. nov. from the large intestines of Cyrtodactylus louisiadensis (Sauria, Gekkonidae), from Papua New Guinea is described and illustrated. Pharyngodon novaeguineae represents the 36th species assigned to the genus and is separated from its congeners based upon absence of a spicule, egg morphology, and excretory pore position.


Pharyngodon novaeguineae Nematoda Cyrtodactylus louisiadensis Sauria Papua New Guinea 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Charles R. Bursey
    • 1
  • Stephen R. Goldberg
    • 2
  • Fred Kraus
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of BiologyPennsylvania State UniversitySharonUSA
  2. 2.Department of BiologyWhittier CollegeWhittierUSA
  3. 3.Department of Natural SciencesBishop MuseumHonoluluUSA

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