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Periodic harmonic functions on lattices and points count in positive characteristic

  • Mikhail Zaidenberg
Review Article


This survey deals with pluri-periodic harmonic functions on lattices with values in a field of positive characteristic. We mention, as a motivation, the game “Lights Out” following the work of Sutner [20], Goldwasser- Klostermeyer-Ware [5], Barua-Ramakrishnan-Sarkar [2, 19], Hunzikel-Machiavello-Park [12] e.a.; see also [22, 23] for a more detailed account. Our approach uses harmonic analysis and algebraic geometry over a field of positive characteristic.


Cellular automaton Chebyshev-Dickson polynomial Convolution operator Lattice Finite field Discrete Fourier transform Discrete harmonic function Pluri-periodic function 


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  1. 1.Institut FourierUniversité Grenoble IGrenobleFrance

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