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Efficiency of Management Systems Under Uncertainty: Short-Run Adaptive Processes


The empirical researches of Contingency Theory have given some prescriptive propositions available to organization design. But Contingency Theory has no mathematical models. In this paper, organization structure, management systems and efficiency of management systems are defined on the basis of the Modern Organization Theory, and models referred to by the decision makers in the organization are considered as models of the Sequential Decision Problems. The purpose of this paper is to show some normative propositions and Contingency Theoretic implications of them by using such concepts and models.

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Takahashi, N. Efficiency of Management Systems Under Uncertainty: Short-Run Adaptive Processes. Behaviormetrika 10, 59–72 (1983).

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Key Words and Phrases

  • organization design
  • contingency theory
  • management system
  • organization structure
  • short-run adaptive process
  • sequential analysis