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A revision of Solanum section Brevantherum (Solanaceae)


The present revision of Solatium sect. Brevantherum Seithe recognizes 27 species in North and South America, two of which have become naturalized in parts of the Old World. Three species,S. lltisii, S. Goodspeedii, and S. appressum, are described as new. Comparative morphology, geographical distribution, and ecological data provide evidence for species recognition. Some of the most diagnostic features are those associated with the buds, leaves, and the hairs, which range from simple to porrect-stellate and more complex types, described herein as multangulate, dendritic-multangulate, echinoid, and dendriticechinoid.

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Based on a thesis submitted in partial fulfullment of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin. Acknowledgments are due Dr. Hugh Iltis for his help and encouragement throughout this study. The author’s work was supported by National Institutes of Health research fellowship No. S-Fl-GM-24,641, and a research assistantship from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. Brittonia 24: 239–278. July–September, 1972.

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