, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp 143–145

Methane release from a brackish intertidal salt-marsh embayment of Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

  • Fredric Lipschultz
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DOI: 10.2307/1351677

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Lipschultz, F. Estuaries (1981) 4: 143. doi:10.2307/1351677


Gaseous methane loss from a brackish, intertidal salt marsh sediment was measured in April, June, August, and October 1977. Twenty-four sediment cores were taken on each date. Annual loss of methane carbon from the mud flats was 10.7 g CH4−C per m2 per year, a value closer to freshwater values than marine systems. Loss of methane fromSpartina peat was low.

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  • Fredric Lipschultz
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