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Taxonomic notes on astragalus section leptocarpi subsection californici (Fabaceae)

  • Aaron Liston


A recently completed study of Astragalus sect. Leptocarpi subsect. Californici shows that the following taxonomic adjustments are required: 1) Astragalus tener var. ferrisiae, a new variety, is described. It is compared to A. tener var. tener, as well as to A. rattanii var. jepsonianus in which it was previously included, and to the superficially similar A. clarianus with which it was confused. An illustration of the new variety, and of the fruits of these related taxa, is included. 2) Astragalus nyensis was placed in subsect. Californici by Barneby in his 1964 monograph. Morphological, anatomical, and allozyme data suggest that A. nyensis should be placed in the subsect. Leptocarpi closely allied to A. nuttallianus.


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  • Aaron Liston
    • 1
  1. 1.Rancho Santa Ana Botanic GardenClaremont

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