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Aulonemia fulgor (Poaceae: Bambusoideae), a new species from Mexico

  • Thomas R. Soderstrom


Aulonemia fulgor shares with most species of this primarily South American genus a paniculate inflorescence, unbranched spikelets (i.e., not pseudospikelets), and weak or scandent culms that bear a single branch at the node. It is unusual in its amphipodial rhizomes and distinctive leaf anatomy in which, unlike most bamboos, the more complex epidermis is the adaxial.


Vascular Bundle Abaxial Epidermis Silica Body Adaxial Epidermis Bulliform Cell 
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  • Thomas R. Soderstrom
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of BotanySmithsonian InstitutionWashington, DC

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