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Growth of young oyster crabs,Pinnotheres ostreum Say, reared in the laboratory

  • Paul A. Sandifer
Short Papers and Notes


Pre-hard juvenile oyster crabs,Pinnotheres ostreum, were reared from the egg in the laboratory. A minimum of 18 days was required for larval development, after which the young crabs passed through several (up to 10) growth molts during 103 days. Survivors ranged from 0.82 to 1.61 mm in carapace width at the end of the experiment. Mean growth (measured as mean increase in carapace width) ranged from about 10 to 18% of the previous carapace width for each of the first six postlarval molts.

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  • Paul A. Sandifer
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  1. 1.Virginia Institute of Marine ScienceGloucester Point

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