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7.15 Metabolic Syndrome and Cardio - Cerebrovascular Disease in the Elderly

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7.15 Metabolic Syndrome and Cardio - Cerebrovascular Disease in the Elderly

Introduction: The metabolic syndrome (MS) represents a combination of risk factors for cardio- and cerebrovascular diseases. The study aim was to evaluate the presence of MS in elderly subjects with cardio and cerebrovascular diseases.

Methods: A total of 124 subjects were studied. 53 subjects had cerebrovascular disease (TIA or Stroke, group 1), 22 subjects had cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarct or angina, group 2) and 49 subjects were the controls (group 3). These last ones were free from cardio and cerebrovascular diseases. The diagnosis of MS was made using the National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III criteria.

Results: MS was found in 31 of 53 (57%) group 1 subjects, in 14 of 22 (64%) of group 2 subjects and in 39 of 49 (73%) group 3 subjects. Important differences were found in the three groups relatively to the various components of MS. In particular, for what concerned the presence of: arterial hypertension (100% in group 2 vs. 72% in group 1 and vs. 64% in group 3); visceral obesity (100% in group 2 vs. 51% in group 1 and vs. 55% in group 3); and of diabetes (71% in group 1 vs. 24% in group 2 and vs. 30% in group 3). While important differences relatively were not found for triglycerides values (43% in group 1 vs. 46% in group 2 and vs. 48% in group 3).

Conclusions: Our data confirms the importance of the MS in cardio and cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly. Among the various components of the MS, arterial hypertension, diabetes and visceral obesity would seem to be the most important risk factors, especially for cardiovascular diseases.

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