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Orlistat/lopinavir/ritonavir interaction

Decreased lopinavir CSF concentration, leading to HIV-related meningo-encephalitis: case report

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      de Truchis P, Mathez D, Abe E, Dinh A, Ledu D, Greder-Belan A, Alvarez JC.Cerebrospinal fluid HIV-1 virological escape with lymphocytic meningitis under lopinavir/ritonavir monotherapy. AIDS 24: 1235-6, No. 8, 15 May 2010 - France

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    Orlistat/lopinavir/ritonavir interaction. React. Wkly. 1350, 36 (2011).

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    • Lamivudine
    • Zidovudine
    • Tenofovir
    • Orlistat
    • Abacavir