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Overdose and interaction leading to hypotension, diuresis and hypokalaemia in an elderly patient: case report

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      Chan TYK, Gomersall CD, Cheng CAY, Woo J.Overdose of methyldopa, indapamide and theophylline resulting in prolonged hypotension, marked diuresis and hypokalaemia in an elderly patient. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety 18: 977-9, No. 10, 1 Oct 2009 - Hong Kong

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    Indapamide/methyldopa/theophylline. React. Wkly. 1287, 26 (2010).

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    • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    • Theophylline
    • Naloxone
    • Glasgow Coma Scale
    • Personality Disorder