Transparency, Accountability and Cooperation in Medicines Development

Looking Forward from 2005
  • Francis P. Crawley

The development of pharmaceuticals, and health interventions in general, has taken on global dimensions regarding the science, politics and economics of medicines development and marketing. The fundamental reasons for these changes are much larger than pharmaceutical research itself. The reasons include political changes (in certain geographical regions and countries), growing economies with an increased potential to produce and deliver products locally, and the ever increasing reach of communications and science across national and cultural boundaries. Add to this a swell in basic pharmaceutical research (as well as in areas such as genetics and stem cell science), in places like India, China, Brazil and South Korea, alongside increased investment and capacity in manufacturing, and the development of pharmaceutical medicines takes on new proportions that could not have been foreseen in the 1990s.

At the same time we see an increased public awareness and concern regarding ethics and...


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