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Iliopsoas Bursitis and Tendinitis

A Review
  • Christopher A. M. Johnston
  • J. Preston Wiley
  • David M. Lindsay
  • David A. Wiseman
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This review examines the diagnosis and management of iliopsoas bursitis and/or tendinitis. It is a relatively uncommon and unrecognised cause of anterior hip pain and anterior snapping hip. In view of its pathology, iliopsoas bursitis might be better referred to as iliopsoas syndrome. It can usually be diagnosed by history and physical examination, though real time ultrasound may be useful in confirming the diagnosis. Magnetic resonance and computerised tomography imaging have limited roles in its diagnosis, but may identify other pathology or surgical lesions. Nonoperative management has not been well established. Surgical management does not guarantee treatment success. There is a need for further research into both diagnostic and treatment options for those patients with iliopsoas bursitis/tendinitis.


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  • J. Preston Wiley
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  • David M. Lindsay
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  • David A. Wiseman
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  2. 2.Sport Medicine Centre, Faculty of KinesiologyThe University of CalgaryCalgaryCanada
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