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  • ▴ Barnidipine is an antihypertensive drag belonging to the dihydropyridine (DHP) group of calcium antagonists. It is available in a modified-release formulation which has a gradual onset of action and is effective in a single daily oral dose of 10 to 20mg.

  • ▴ Barnidipine has selective action against cardiovascular calcium antagonist receptors and its antihypertensive action is related to the reduction of peripheral vascular resistance secondary to its vasodilatory action.

  • ▴ The clinical antihypertensive efficacy of barnidipine is similar to that of other DHP calcium antagonists such as nitrendipine and amlodipine, and antihypertensives belonging to other drag classes such as atenolol and enalapril.

  • ▴ Barnidipine has been found to be as efficacious and well tolerated as hydrochlorothiazide in the management of hypertension in elderly patients.

  • ▴ Barnidipine is generally well tolerated. As with other DHP calcium antagonists, vasodilator adverse events such as headache, flushing and peripheral oedema account for most of the adverse events reported with its use and are usually transient. Oedema is less frequent than with amlodipine and nitrendipine. Its use is not associated with reflex tachycardia.


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