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Adis New Drug Profile

DOI: 10.2165/00003495-200059020-00012

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Bhana, N., Goa, K.L. & McClellan, K.J. Drugs (2000) 59: 263. doi:10.2165/00003495-200059020-00012


  • ▴ Dexmedetomidine is a potent α2-adrenoceptor agonist with 8 times higher affinity for the α2-adrenoceptorthan clonidine.

  • ▴ Dexmedetomidine has shown sedative, analgesic and anxiolytic effects after intravenous administration to healthy volunteers or postsurgical patients in the intensive care unit.

  • ▴ Dexmedetomidine produced a predictable haemo-dynamic decline (dose-dependently decreased arterial blood pressure and heart rate) in postsurgical patients coinciding with reductions in plasma catecholamines.

  • ▴ In phase III clinical trials, dexmedetomidine 0.2 to 0.7 µg/kg/h produced clinically effective sedation and significantly reduced the analgesic requirements of postsurgical ventilated intensive care unit patients. There was no clinically apparent respiratory depression after cessation of assisted ventilation.

  • ▴ Dexmedetomidine produced rapid and stable sedation in postsurgical ventilated patients while maintaining a high degree of patient reusability and anxiety reduction.

  • ▴ Dexmedetomidine was well tolerated in phase III studies. The most frequently observed adverse events were hypotension, bradycardia and nausea.

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  • Nila Bhana
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  • Karen L. Goa
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  • Karen J. McClellan
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