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Topical Corticosteroids for Skin Disorders in Infants and Children

  • John Harper
Section 1: Proceedings


Topical corticosteroids are an essential part of the treatment regimen of children with atopic eczema and a number of other inflammatory dermatoses, such as infantile seborrhoeic eczema, pompholyx and contact dermatitis. A special form of treatment, the ‘wet wrap’ technique, has been found to be effective in treating children with acute erythrodermic eczema in an inpatient setting. Therapy usually lasts for 3 to 5 days and is useful as crisis intervention therapy.

On the other hand, in some conditions, for example pityriasis alba, perioral eczema or juvenile plantar dermatosis, therapy with these agents is generally not required or may not be useful.

It is important to remember that care must be taken when a topical corticosteroid is prescribed in children, since this age group is particularly at risk of developing side effects. Thus, the patient should be monitored closely, and potent agents should be avoided.


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