Clinical Pharmacokinetics

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Age-Related Changes in Liver Size and Hepatic Blood Flow

The Influence on Drug Metabolism in the Elderly
  • K. W. Woodhouse
  • H. A. Wynne
Review Article Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Disease Processes


The propensity of elderly people to suffer from dose-dependent adverse drug reactions is well known. This may be largely related to reduced drug clearance. Changes in liver size and liver blood flow are probably the main reason for this decline in drug elimination with age. This review focuses on methods of measuring liver size and blood flow, on changes which have been reported in the elderly and on the clinical implications of these changes.


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  • K. W. Woodhouse
    • 1
  • H. A. Wynne
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  1. 1.Geriatric Pharmacology Research Group, Department of Medicine (Geriatrics) and Clinical PharmacologyUniversity of Newcastle upon TyneEngland

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