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Extraction of manganese oxide ore by a reduction acidolysis-selective leaching method

  • Y. SunEmail author
  • G. Fu
  • L. Jiang
  • X. Cai


A process for recovering manganese from low-grade manganese oxide ore through a reduction acidolysis-selective leaching method is investigated. Two types of biomass, sawdust and straw, were used as reductants. Reduction acidolysis, using concentrated sulfuric acid, was used to disrupt the structure of the biomass, allowing the biomass to be hydrolyzed into monosaccharides. Analysis by X-ray diffraction revealed that Mn2O3 was reduced to MnSO4. Then, in the selective leaching process, iron was removed through the formation of goethite. The optimized experimental parameters are as follows: reductant to ore mass ratio of 0.4, sulfuric acid to ore mass ratio of 0.9, water to ore ratio of 0.5, aging time of 18 h, leaching temperature of 95 °C, leaching time of 90 min, and solution pH of 2.5 to 2.8. Under these conditions and using sawdust as the reductant, the manganese leaching efficiency and iron removal efficiency were 91.8 and 99.2 percent, respectively.

Key words

Low-grade manganese oxide ore Reduction acidolysis Biomass 


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  1. 1.School of MetallurgyNortheastern UniversityShenyang, LiaoningChina

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