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A new species of Cycas from the Malabar Coast, Western Ghats, India

  • Rita SinghEmail author
  • P. Radha


A new cycad species,Cycas annaikalensis, has been discovered from the Malabar Coast of the southern Western Ghats of India. Although geographically distributed in a small population within the range ofC. circinalis, it can be distinguished from the other described IndianCycas species by its distinct habitat, habit, morphology of vegetative and reproductive parts, and anatomy of leaflets.

Key words

Western Ghats Cycas annaikalensis Cycas circinalis 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of Basic and Applied SciencesGuru Gobind singh Indraprastha University, Kashmere GateDelhiIndia

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