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Johanneshowellia (Polygonaceae: Eriogonoideae), a new genus from the Intermountain West

  • James L. Reveal


A new genus ofPolygonaceae subfam.Eriogonoideae is established for what has long been known asEriogonum puberulum. NamedJohanneshowellia in honor of the late John Thomas Howell (1903–1994), a new combination,J. puberula, and a new species,J. crateriorum, are established. The common name Howell's-buckwheat is proposed for the group. The new genus differs from other members of the subfamily in having its involucral structure reduced to a spiral of four to seven bracts each of which is associated with a flower-bearing pedicel and a basal bractlet. In bud and early anthesis the outer two (rarely outer three) bracts may be partially connate, but typically become separate at full anthesis. The connate, ternate, foliar bracts at the base of the node act as a traditionalEriogonum-like involucre surrounding the branches of the inflorescence, the involucral bracts, and the flowers. Members of the new genus are found in the arid Intermountain West of the United States from Inyo Co., California, across Nevada to western Utah.

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Polygonaceae Eriogonoideae Eriogonum Johanneshowellia Intermountain flora 


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