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Multi-affine registration using local polynomial expansion


In this paper, we present a non-linear (multi-affine) registration algorithm based on a local polynomial expansion model. We generalize previous work using a quadratic polynomial expansion model. Local affine models are estimated using this generalized model analytically and iteratively, and combined to a deformable registration algorithm. Experiments show that the affine parameter calculations derived from this quadratic model are more accurate than using a linear model. Experiments further indicate that the multi-affine deformable registration method can handle complex non-linear deformation fields necessary for deformable registration, and a faster convergent rate is verified from our comparison experiment.

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Correspondence to Carl-Fredrik Westin.

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Project supported by the joint PhD Program of the China Scholarship Council (CSC), the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) (Nos. R01MH074794 and P41RR013218), and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 60972102)

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Wang, Yj., Farnebäck, G. & Westin, CF. Multi-affine registration using local polynomial expansion. J. Zhejiang Univ. - Sci. C 11, 495–503 (2010).

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  • Deformable registration
  • Polynomial expansion
  • Least squares
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  • Normalized convolution

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