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Centrifuge model testing to ascertain vertical displacements of a pile under cyclic lateral loads



目 的



1. 采用离心机模型试验, 研究水平循环荷载作用下单桩的沉降规律; 2. 揭示了水平循环荷载作用下单桩的沉降机理.

方 法

1. 利用自主研发的伺服加载系统, 在 100g 条件下对单桩施加水平循环荷载, 并采用数字图像关联处理技术分析单桩的沉降规律; 2. 同时针对两个重要参数 (即竖向荷载和水平位移幅值) 开展正交试验, 明确两个参数对桩体沉降的影响.

结 论

1. 在水平循环荷载作用下, 桩侧摩阻力将会损失, 不平衡力传向桩端, 从而让桩体发生沉降; 2. 作用在桩顶的竖向荷载越大, 或水平位移幅值越大, 桩沉降越大; 3. 在水平循环荷载作用下, 端承桩抗沉性能优于摩擦桩.

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Gang ZHENG and Tian-qi ZHANG designed the research. Tian-qi ZHANG and Ji-bin SUN wrote the first draft of the manuscript. Yang JIAO processed the test data. Tian-qi ZHANG, Ji-bin SUN, and Yu DIAO revised and edited the final version.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Tian-qi Zhang.

Ethics declarations

Gang ZHENG, Ji-bin SUN, Tian-qi ZHANG, Yang JIAO, and Yu DIAO declare that they have no conflict of interest.

Additional information

Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 41630641 and 51808387)

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Zheng, G., Sun, Jb., Zhang, Tq. et al. Centrifuge model testing to ascertain vertical displacements of a pile under cyclic lateral loads. J. Zhejiang Univ. Sci. A 22, 760–766 (2021).

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  • 水平循环荷载
  • 沉降
  • 侧摩阻力损失
  • 不平衡力传递