Analytical solution for upheaval buckling of shallow buried pipelines in inclined cohesionless soil



Upheaval buckling of pipelines can occur under thermal expansion and differential ground settlement. Research on this phenomenon has usually assumed the pipes are buried in horizontal ground. For long-distance transmission pipelines across mountainous areas, the ground surface is commonly inclined. Based on the Rankine earth pressure theory and Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion, analytical formulae for calculating the peak uplift resistance and the slip surface angles for a buried pipe in inclined ground are presented in this paper. Analyses indicate that the slip surfaces in inclined ground are asymmetric and rotate towards the downhill side. Under a shallow burial depth, the failure plane angle is highly impacted by the ground inclination. When the embedment ratio (H/D) is more than 4, the influence of the ground slope on the failure plane angle is negligible. The peak uplift resistance reduces in inclined ground, especially when H/D is less than 1. Finally, a simple equation considering the impact of ground inclination is proposed to predict the peak uplift resistance.







利用莫尔圆极点法分析倾斜场地土体的应力状态, 基于Rankine土压力理论、摩尔库伦强度准则和极限平衡条件, 解析求解倾斜场地管道隆起时两侧的滑裂角, 并推导相应的土体隆起抗力峰值计算式.


1. 倾斜场地管道两边的滑裂面呈非对称破坏模式, 滑裂面整体向坡脚方向偏转, 且地表变形影响范围大于水平条件. 2. 管道埋深比(H/D)一定时, 滑裂面偏转程度随场地倾斜程度的增大而增大; 场地倾角一定时, 滑裂角偏转程度随H/D的增大而减小; 当H/D> 4时, 可以忽略场地倾角的影响. 3. 当H/D< 1时, 隆起抗力峰值随场地倾斜程度的增大而减小. 4. 现有的油气输运管道设计规范中, 均未考虑场地倾斜的影响, 且管线最小埋设深度仅0.5 m, 存在安全隐患.

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Correspondence to Ji-ying Fan.

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Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 51988101 and 51178427), the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province (No. LCZ19E080002), and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (No. 2019FZA4016), China


Bo HUANG and Dao-sheng LING designed the research. Jing-wen LIU and Ji-ying FAN did the theoretical derivation and wrote the first draft of the manuscript. Bo HUANG and Ji-ying FAN helped to organize the manuscript, and revised and edited the final version.

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Bo HUANG, Jing-wen LIU, Ji-ying FAN, and Dao-sheng LING declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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Key words

  • Shallow buried pipe
  • Upheaval buckling
  • Inclined ground
  • Analytical formulation
  • Soil deformation mechanism


  • 浅埋管道
  • 竖向屈曲
  • 倾斜场地
  • 解析解
  • 破裂模式

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