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Progress in selective laser melting equipment, related biomedical metallic materials and applications

  • Yu-chao Bai
  • Fan Fu
  • Ze-feng Xiao
  • Ming-kang Zhang
  • Di Wang
  • Yong-qiang Yang
  • Chang-hui Song


This paper introduces the latest achievements of the South China University of Technology in basic research on selective laser melting (SLM), applications of SLM manufacturing equipment, and biomedical metallic materials manufactured by SLM. First, we describe the use of DiMetal-100 equipment to study the process parameters, microstructure, and mechanical properties of three kinds of metal medical materials manufactured by SLM, including 316L stainless steel, CoCrMo, and Ti6Al4V. Second, we describe the application of 316L stainless steel manufactured by SLM to personalized lingual orthodontic brackets and surgical guide plates, the application of CoCrMo manufactured by SLM to knee prostheses and dental crowns and bridges, and the research results of Ti6Al4V manufactured by SLM in the treatment of pelvic fracture bone plates and personalized cranial prostheses. Finally, we introduce the development directions and research plans for SLM technology at the South China University of Technology, including the manufacture of a new porous structure by SLM directly, the manufacture by SLM of various material products simultaneously, SLM + material-reducing hybrid manufacturing, improving the negative feedback systems of SLM equipment, and developing SLM manufacturing processes using ceramics and new metals.

Key words

Selective laser melting (SLM) Biomedical metallic materials Process parameters Microstructure Mechanical properties Applications 




本文主要介绍了华南理工大学(SCUT)在激光选区熔化(SLM)成型设备以及医用金属材料SLM成型的基础研究与应用的最新成果。首先,采用DiMetal-100 设备研究316L 不锈钢、CoCrMo与Ti6Al4V 三种医用金属粉末SLM 成型的工艺参数、微观组织和力学性能。其次,详细介绍了SLM 成型316L 不锈钢在个性化舌侧正畸托槽和手术导板的应用,SLM成型CoCrMo 在膝关节假体和牙冠牙桥的应用,以及SLM 成型Ti6Al4V在骨盆骨折接骨板和个性化颅骨修复体方面的研究成果。最后,介绍了SCUT 在SLM 技术方面的发展方向和研究计划,具体包括实现新型多孔结构的SLM直接成型、实现多种材料SLM一次成型、实现SLM与减材复合成型、增加SLM设备的负反馈系统以及开发陶瓷和新型金属的SLM成型工艺。


SCUT 对SLM设备及其医学应用进行了长期深入的研究,研究了医用金属材料316L 不锈钢、CoCrMo合金以及Ti6Al4V 合金的SLM成型工艺和微观组织,获得了性能优异的零件。SCUT 成功将SLM成型的316L 不锈钢应用于舌侧正畸托槽和手术导板,将SLM 成型的CoCrMo 合金应用于膝关节假体和牙冠牙桥,以及将SLM 成型的Ti6Al4V 合金应用于个性化接骨板和颅骨多孔修复体。其中,舌侧正畸托槽和牙冠固定桥已经进入商业应用。目前,SCUT 正在进一步开展面向植入体内部结构的设计和制造技术研究,同时开始对SLM 多材料成型、SLM 与切削复合成型进行研究,并逐步开展SLM 设备负反馈系统的开发及陶瓷、锌合金、镍钛合金等SLM 成型工艺的研究等。


激光选区熔化(SLM) 生物医学金属材料 工艺参数 微观组织 机械性能 应用 

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TH122 TH162 TG456.7 


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