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A model of two cylindrical plane wall layers exposed to oscillating temperatures with different amplitudes and frequencies



A linear model of two cylindrical plane wall layers exposed to oscillating temperatures and frequencies was built using a physical superposition of two states. In the first state, the inner surface of a wall was exposed to oscillating temperature and the outer surface was exposed to a zero relative temperature. In the second state, the inner surface was exposed to a zero relative temperature while the outer surface was exposed to an oscillating temperature with different amplitude and frequency. Temperature distributions were derived for different amplitudes, frequencies, and thermal conductivities. Results show that increasing the frequency decreased the depth of temperature penetration. A high frequency led to extremum temperature values on the surface, while a low frequency allowed gradual temperature changes during the time period. Temperature distribution lines showing simultaneous heat flux entry and exit were not observed.



扩大对外表面温度波动约束下的圆柱壳内部温度 分布的认识;建立模型并研究同时施加在内外表 面的不同振幅和频率的温度波动约束对壳体内 温度分布的影响。


1. 提出一个清晰的线性模型以获得在外表面施加 不同频率和振幅的温度约束时壳体的温度分布; 2. 此模型适用于解决导热能力介于理想导热和 绝热之间的不同材料组成的任意层数圆柱壳体 内的温度分布问题。


1. 由热扩散方程和内外表面的边界条件来构建物 理模型;2.使用复数和物理叠加以提高该模型的 表现。


1. 增加表面温度约束的波动频率会相应地减少温 度渗透深度;因此,对于高频率工作并需要绝热 的系统,可以节约材料厚度并绝热。2. 并未发现 同时反映热流的进和出的温度分布线。3. 要构建 这个物理模型,必须使用物理叠加。

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  • Oscillating temperature
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  • Thermal conductivity
  • Thermal diffusivity


  • 振荡温度
  • 温度振幅
  • 热导率
  • 热扩散率