Tidal current turbine based on hydraulic transmission system


Tidal current turbines (TCTs) are newly developed electricity generating devices. Aiming at the stabilization of the power output of TCTs, this paper introduces the hydraulic transmission technologies into TCTs. The hydrodynamics of the turbine was analyzed at first and its power output characteristics were predicted. A hydraulic power transmission system and a hydraulic pitch-controlled system were designed. Then related simulations were conducted. Finally, a TCT prototype was manufactured and tested in the workshop. The test results have confirmed the correctness of the current design and availability of installation of the hydraulic system in TCTs.

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Correspondence to Yong-gang Lin.

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Project supported by the National Natural Science of China (Nos. 50505043 and 50735004), and the National High Tech R&D Program (863) of China (No. 2007AA05Z443)

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Key words

  • Tidal current turbines (TCTs)
  • Hydraulic power transmission
  • Hydraulic pitch-controlled system
  • Workshop test

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