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Comprehensive study on the results of tension leg platform responses in random sea


Compliant offshore structures are used for oil exploitation in deep water. Tension leg platform (TLP) is a suitable type for very deep water. The nonlinear dynamic response of TLP under random sea wave load is necessary for determining the maximum deformations and stresses. Accurate and reliable responses are needed for optimum design and control of the structure. In this paper nonlinear dynamic analysis of TLP is carried out in both time and frequency domains. The time history of random wave is generated based on Pierson-Moskowitz spectrum and acts on the structure in arbitrary direction. The hydrodynamic forces are calculated using the modified Morison equation according to Airy’s linear wave theory. The power spectral densities (PSDs) of displacements, velocities and accelerations are calculated from nonlinear responses. The focus of the paper is on the comprehensive interpretation of the responses of the structure related to wave excitation and structural characteristics. As an example a case study is investigated and numerical results are discussed.

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