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Cyber security meets artificial intelligence: a survey


There is a wide range of interdisciplinary intersections between cyber security and artificial intelligence (AI). On one hand, AI technologies, such as deep learning, can be introduced into cyber security to construct smart models for implementing malware classification and intrusion detection and threating intelligence sensing. On the other hand, AI models will face various cyber threats, which will disturb their sample, learning, and decisions. Thus, AI models need specific cyber security defense and protection technologies to combat adversarial machine learning, preserve privacy in machine learning, secure federated learning, etc. Based on the above two aspects, we review the intersection of AI and cyber security. First, we summarize existing research efforts in terms of combating cyber attacks using AI, including adopting traditional machine learning methods and existing deep learning solutions. Then, we analyze the counterattacks from which AI itself may suffer, dissect their characteristics, and classify the corresponding defense methods. Finally, from the aspects of constructing encrypted neural network and realizing a secure federated deep learning, we expatiate the existing research on how to build a secure AI system.

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