Posture control of a 3-RPS pneumatic parallel platform with parameter initialization and an adaptive robust method

  • Guo-liang Tao
  • Ce Shang
  • De-yuan Meng
  • Chao-chao Zhou


A control algorithm for a 3-RPS parallel platform driven by pneumatic cylinders is discussed. All cylinders are controlled by proportional directional valves while the kinematic and dynamic properties of the system are modeled. The method of adaptive robust control is applied to the controller using a back-stepping approach and online parameter estimation. To compensate for the uncertainty and the influence caused by estimations, a fast dynamic compensator is integrated in the controller design. To prevent any influence caused by the load applied to the moving platform changing in a practical working situation, the identification of parameters is taken as the initialization of unknown parameters in the controller, which can improve the adaptability of the algorithm. Using these methods, the response rate of the parameter estimation and control performance were improved significantly. The adverse effects of load and restriction forces were eliminated by the initialization and online estimation. Experiments under different situations illustrated the effectiveness of the adaptive robust controller with parameter initialization, approaching average tracking errors of less than 1%.

Key words

Parameter initialization Adaptive robust control Parallel mechanism Pneumatic cylinders 

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Authors and Affiliations

  • Guo-liang Tao
    • 1
  • Ce Shang
    • 1
  • De-yuan Meng
    • 2
  • Chao-chao Zhou
    • 1
  1. 1.The State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power Transmission and ControlZhejiang UniversityHangzhouChina
  2. 2.School of Mechatronic EngineeringChina University of Mining and TechnologyXuzhouChina

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