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Critical review in adsorption kinetic models

  • Hui Qiu
  • Lu Lv
  • Bing-cai PanEmail author
  • Qing-jian Zhang
  • Wei-ming Zhang
  • Quan-xing Zhang


Adsorption is one of the most widely applied techniques for environmental remediation. Its kinetics are of great significance to evaluate the performance of a given adsorbent and gain insight into the underlying mechanisms. There are lots of references available concerning adsorption kinetics, and several mathematic models have been developed to describe adsorption reaction and diffusion processes. However, these models were frequently employed to fit the kinetic data in an unsuitable or improper manner. This is mainly because the boundary conditions of the associated models were, to a considerable extent, ignored for data modeling. Here we reviewed several widely-used adsorption kinetic models and paid more attention to their boundary conditions. We believe that the review is of certain significance and improvement for adsorption kinetic modeling.

Key words

Adsorption kinetics Reaction models Diffusion models Film diffusion Intraparticle diffusion 

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  • Lu Lv
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  • Bing-cai Pan
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  • Qing-jian Zhang
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  • Wei-ming Zhang
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  • Quan-xing Zhang
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  1. 1.State Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse, Department of Environmental Engineering, School of the EnvironmentNanjing UniversityNanjingChina

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