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Effect of processing parameters on the electromagnetic radiation emission during plastic deformation and crack propagation in copper-zinc alloys

  • Kumar Rajeev 
  • Misra Ashok 


This paper presents some investigations on the effect of processing parameters on the emission of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) during plastic deformation and crack propagation in copper-zinc alloys. Timing of the EMR emissions, maximum stress during crack instability, stress-intensity factor, elastic strain energy release rate, maximum EMR amplitude, RMS value of EMR amplitude, EMR frequency and electromagnetic energy release rate were analysed for the effect of rolling directions at different percentage of zinc content in Cu-Zn alloy specimens. The same parameters were also analysed for 68-32 Cu-Zn alloy specimens at different annealing temperatures and at different angles ϑ, to the rolling direction. EMR emissions are observed to be highly anisotropic in nature. At ϑ=45° to 60°, marked changes in mechanical and electromagnetic parameters were observed. Specimens annealed at 500 °C, just above the recrystallization temperature, and at 700 °C, when grain-size growth is rapid, EMR responses have been found to have well-defined patterns.

Key words

Radiation Plastic deformation Rolling direction Annealing Fracture 

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© Zhejiang University 2006

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringBirla Institute of Technology, MesraRanchiIndia

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