Dot-shaped beamforming analysis of subarray-based sin-FDA

  • Bo WangEmail author
  • Jun-wei Xie
  • Jing Zhang
  • Jia-ang Ge


Phased array (PA) radar is one of the most popular types of radar. In contrast to PA, the frequency diverse array (FDA) is a potential solution to suppress range-related interference because of its time-range-angle-dependent beampattern. However, the range-angle coupling inherent in the FDA transmit beampattern may degrade the output signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR). We propose a dot-shaped beamforming method based on the analyzed four subarray-based FDAs and subarray-based planar FDAs using a sinusoidally increasing frequency offset with elements transmitting at multiple frequencies. The numerical results show that the proposed approach outperforms the existing log-FDA with logarithmical frequency offset in transmit energy focus, sidelobe suppression, and array resolution. Comparative simulation results validate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

Key words

Frequency diverse array Subarray-based frequency diverse array Decoupling Dot-shaped beamforming 

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Compliance with ethics guidelines

Bo WANG, Jun-wei XIE, Jing ZHANG, and Jia-ang GE declare that they have no conflict of interest.


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  1. 1.Air and Missile Defense CollegeAir Force Engineering UniversityXi’anChina
  2. 2.Shaanxi Vocational and Technical College of TransportXi’anChina

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