Recommendation of RILEM TC 246-TDC: test methods to determine durability of concrete under combined environmental actions and mechanical load

Test method to determine the effect of applied stress on chloride diffusion


The combination of environmental actions and mechanical load has obvious synergetic effects on the durability of concrete. But these effects have been widely neglected so far. For a realistic service life prediction the effect of an applied mechanical load on chloride penetration has been taken into consideration as a first and important step in RILEM TC 246-TDC since 2011. This recommendation focuses on the test method to determine the effect of applied compressive stress and tensile stress on chloride diffusion. It includes detailed experimental procedure to receive consistent results of chloride profile and the apparent chloride ion diffusion coefficient of concrete under compressive and tensile stress.

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Corresponding author

Correspondence to Ling Wang.

Additional information

This recommendation was prepared by a working group within RILEM TC 246-TDC: Yan Yao, Ling Wang, Folker H. Wittmann, Nele De Belie, Erik Schlangen, Christoph Gehlen, Zhendi Wang, Hugo Eguez Alava, Yin Cao, Balqis MD Yunus, Juan Li, and further reviewed and approved by all members of the RILEM TC 246-TDC.

TC Membership:

TC Chairlady: Yan Yao, China.

TC Secretary: Ling Wang, China.

Members: Folker H. Wittmann, Germany; Nele De Belie, Belgium; Erik Schlangen, The Netherlands; Christoph Gehlen, Germany; Zhendi Wang, China; Hugo Eguez Alava, Ecuador; Yin Cao, China; Balqis MD Yunus, Malaysia; Juan Li, China; Max Setzer, Germany; Carmen Andrade, Spain; Rui Miguel Ferreira, Finland; Erika Elaine Holt, Finland; Gideon Van Zijl, South Africa; Feng Xing, China; Tiejun Zhao, China; Michal A. Glinicki, Poland; Xiaomei Wan, China; R. G. Pillai, India; Klaas Van Breugel, The Netherlands.

Zhendi Wang, Yin Cao, Balqis MD Yunus and Juan Li:  Ph.D students who have contributed substantially to this manuscript.

Acknowledgement: This recommendation has been prepared within RILEM TC 246-TDC. The contribution of all TC members in discussion during preparation of the draft of this recommendation and their final reading and approval of the document is gratefully acknowledged.

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  • Concrete durability
  • Compressive stress
  • Tensile stress
  • Chloride ion
  • Diffusion coefficient