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Table 3 Creep test results obtained from prisms in laboratory

From: Dam and wet-screened concrete creep in compression: in situ experimental results and creep strains prediction using model B3 and composite models

Type of Creep cell \(t'\) \(t-t'\) \(T(t')\) \(\sigma (t')\) \(E_{exp}(t')\) \(J_{exp}(t,t')\)
concrete batch (days) (days) (\(^{\circ }\)C) (MPa) (GPa) (\(10^{-6}\)/MPa)
#38 CC1 27.5 362 20.3 5.7 22.1 64.2
  CC2 73.5 320 20.5 5.7 25.4 56.3