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Development of bipolar electrostatic chucks with a compliant beam-array assembly from composite-laminated plates using abrasive water jet


This paper describes the development of bipolar electrostatic chucks with a compliant beam-array structure using abrasive water jet technology. The chucks are cut out from 3D-printed composite-laminated plates and the attractive forces that they generate are measured. Their performance is compared with electrostatic chucks (ESCs) made using a 3D-printing method developed by previous research. The ESCs fabricated using the proposed method have better beam tips with straight corners and flat contact surfaces. Moreover, when comparing the percentage of the attractive force (per unit area) of a stacked device to a single module, the water jet ESCs perform better (77.2%) than the 3D-printed ESCs (57.8%). The higher performance is mainly because the proposed method has excellent fabrication repeatability, which allows the beam tips of a stacked device to have an aligned height. This fabrication method is expected to contribute to the mass production of ESCs.

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Data availability

The data that support the findings of this study are not openly available and are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request.


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The authors are very grateful to Jeremy Gavriel for his helpful comments and suggestions and revision of the English. This work was supported by Grants in Aid for Scientific Research of Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (16H04297, 20H02112).

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