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Structure and properties of metastable Ti–Nb–Sn–Mo alloys


In this study, novel metastable Ti–(9–13)Nb–7Sn–(2–6)Mo alloys were developed using Bo–Md method. The Ti–Nb–Sn–Mo alloys exhibited two types of structure: β and α" + β. Ti–Nb–Sn–Mo alloys had high bending strength (1145–1255 MPa). Also, Ti–Nb–Sn–Mo alloys presented low elastic modulus (53–63 GPa). Furthermore, the moduli of resilience of Ti–Nb–Sn–Mo alloys were as high as 4.05–7.99 MJ/m3, which is significantly higher than those of commercially pure Ti (1.16 MJ/m3) and Ti–25Nb–8Sn (3.02 MJ/m3). The novel metastable Ti–11Nb–7Sn–5Mo alloy developed in this research exhibited the greatest value of the modulus of resilience, which has the potential to be used for biomedical implant applications.

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The raw/processed data required to reproduce these findings cannot be shared at this time as the data also forms part of an ongoing study.


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The authors acknowledge the partial financial support of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (MOST 105-2815-C-390-003-E; 108-2221-E-390-010).

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