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Study of low temperature solution-processed amorphous KNN thin films using PFM


This work focuses on the synthesis and deposition process for the fabrication of uniform amorphous thin (\(\sim \) 70 nm) unannealed films of potassium sodium niobate (KNN). The composition of deposited and dried (at \({90}^{\circ }{\text{C}}\)) films were confirmed using energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). For unity K:Na ratios, piezo response force microscopy revealed large electromechanical response potentially due to tip-induced poling in pulsed DC measurements. Low thermal footprint of the process is likely to significantly lower the cost of devices requiring high performance piezoelectric materials and to maintain the final stoichiometry of the film.

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RSD and NB acknowledge support from Ministry of Human Resources & Development (MHRD) for their Ph.D. fellowships. SS, BM and MS acknowledge support from grant 9(2)/2012-MDD from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. BM and MS acknowledge support under the Young Faculty Research Fellowship (YFRF) from Digital India Corporation, and a seed grant from the Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Program (FIRP) of IIT Delhi. The authors acknowledge access to the Central Research Facility and Nanoscale Research Facility of IIT Delhi. Authors are thankful to Materials Research Centre, MNIT Jaipur for XPS characterization of our samples. Authors acknowledge useful discussions with Dr. Meenal Mehra. Data will be available from authors upon request.

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Correspondence to Madhusudan Singh.

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RSD, SS, BM, and MS declare competing interest in the form of a related Indian patent application (201811044238).

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  • Amorphous
  • Solution deposition
  • Ceramic
  • Piezoresponse
  • Thin film
  • Atomic probe microscopy