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High voltage normally-off extend p-GaN gate with thin AlGaN barrier layer and AlGaN buffer transistor


This study investigated a normally-off p-GaN/AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor with the extended p-GaN. The optimized recess depth in the AlGaN barrier under the extended region of p-GaN provides improved device characteristics. The influences of recess depth in the AlGaN barrier and the extended length of the p-GaN extension on the threshold voltage (VTH), the maximum drain current (ID,MAX), and breakdown voltage were simulated and studied. The proposed transistor with a 1-μm p-GaN extension and 2-nm recess depth in AlGaN barrier shows improvement on VTH and ID,MAX without degrading the breakdown voltage compared with the device without p-GaN extension.

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The optimized recess depth (TR) in the AlGaN barrier under the extended region of p-GaN provides improved device characteristics.

Improvement on VTH and ID,MAX without degrading the breakdown voltage.

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