Evaluation of the spinodal decomposition mechanism in 22Cr–5Ni duplex stainless steel using low-field magnetic analysis


This study proposes the application of low-field magnetic analysis (LFMA) as an alternative nondestructive evaluation method for the detection of microstructural changes of duplex stainless steel due to spinodal decomposition mechanism in a process known as “475°C embrittlement.” Structural, morphological, chemical, mechanical, and magnetic characterizations were performed. Two magnetic methods were used: magnetization versus field measurements at 300 K using a commercial magneto of meter and LFMA testing. The results showed a convergent behavior in agreement with the literature. Experimental results conclusively indicated that the new methodology is consistent and sensitive to the 475°C embrittlement process.

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This research was supported by the Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior – Brazil (CAPES) – Finance Code 001.


General financial support received from CAPES. No interference with study design and data analysis.

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  • Phase transformation
  • Second phases
  • Embrittlement
  • Magnetic properties
  • Hall effect