Ab-initio prediction of temperature-dependent dielectric constants and curie temperatures of cubic phase perovskite materials


Lattice anharmonicity is the essential ingredient for the description of the temperature-dependent dielectric response. Herein, using self-consistent phonon theory calculations that consider the lattice anharmonicity, we examined computational workflow to calculate dielectric permittivity. For this purpose, we selected the high symmetry cubic phase of SrTiO3, BaTiO3, PbTiO3, and KNbO3. It turns out that it is necessary to choose an appropriate set of a displacement–force dataset and the cutoff distance for quartic interatomic force constants. We were also able to predict Curie temperatures out of temperature-dependent dielectric constants of ferroelectric materials.

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WIC would like to thank Terumasa Tadano (NIMS, Japan) for the fruitful discussion.

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  • Dielectric permittivities
  • Ferroelectric
  • Perovskites
  • Density functional theory (DFT)
  • Phase transformation