Indium gallium nitride on silicon heterojunction Schottky barrier solar cell characteristics


We present calculations of performance characteristics of Indium Gallium Nitride-Silicon Heterojunction Schottky barrier solar cells. The effect of growth axis and spontaneous and piezoelectric effects in the Indium Gallium Nitride are taken into account. We consider both wurtzite Indium Gallium Nitride layers on 111 silicon and cubic indium gallium nitride layers on 100 silicon. The short-circuit current as a function of depletion-layer thickness is studied along with the effect of Indium Gallium Nitride composition on the dark current. We consider the effect of composition grading on solar cell characteristics. Greater than 20% power conversion efficiency is achievable with a simple quasi-unipolar design.

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This work was partly supported by DoE Grant DE-EE-0006318.

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