High-throughput nanoindentation mapping of cast IN718 nickel-based superalloys: influence of the Nb concentration


A high-throughput correlative study of the local mechanical properties, chemical composition and crystallographic orientation has been carried out in selected areas of cast Inconel 718 specimens subjected to three different tempers. The specimens showed a strong Nb segregation at the scale of the dendrite arms, with local Nb contents that varied between 2 wt% in the core of the dendrite arms to 8 wt% in the interdendritic regions and 25 wt% within the second phase particles (MC carbides, Laves phases and δ phase needles). The nanohardness was found to correlate strongly with the local Nb content and the temper condition. On the contrary, the indentation elastic moduli was not influenced by the local chemical composition or temper condition, but directly correlated with the crystallographic grain orientation, due to the high elastic anisotropy of nickel alloys.

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Data availability

The datasets generated during and/or analysed during the current study are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request.


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The financial support of MAT4.0-CM project funded by Madrid region under programme S2018/NMT-4381 is gratefully acknowledged. CG acknowledges funding from the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (BES-2017-080201). AOC acknowledges funding from the Madrid Region throught the “Talent Atraction Program” (2017-T2/IND-5156).We thank Dr. Manuel Avella for help with the TEM studies.

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  • Ni
  • Casting
  • Nano-indentation
  • Chemical composition
  • Hardness
  • Elastic properties