Synthesis and Electrical Properties of Garnet-type Solid Oxide Electrolyte Thin Films from Solution Route


Development of Al-stabilized Li7La3Zr2O12 (LLZO) fast Li ion conducting thin films was attempted by chemical solution deposition (CSD) method with the nominal composition of Li5.95Al0.35La3Zr2O12. The films were crystallized at 600°C on Pt-coated Si substrates in almost single phase without a preferred orientation to any crystallographic axis. Subsequent thermal annealing at 760°C improved packing of LLZO grains with the film thickness of 1.1μm. AC impedance measurements were conducted both with Li reversible and Au blocking microelectrodes deposited on the films annealed at 760°C. Total Li ion conductivity σtotal comprised of bulk and grain boundary contribution was studied. The temperature dependence of σtotal was described with single thermal activation process and σtotal∼2x10-5 S/cm and activation energy of Ea=0.58eV were estimated. These values may be attributed to tetragonal modification of LLZO crystal.

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